21 Tweetable Tips to Help You Win More New Business

What is the best method for new business success?

This loaded question is one I get all the time.

The fact is there’s no magic bullet with new business. It takes patience, perseverance, and truly wanting to make a real difference for a particular brand. And after 15 years of managing numerous agency reviews, I’d say it comes down to two words: timing and relationships.

I recall speaking to the CMO of a small financial company. I asked her how agencies that are prospecting for her business get her attention? The answer was simple. “If they reach out at the right time with relevant information to help solve my issue at hand, I will be interested in learning more about what they are offering.”

That means you need to stay motivated to keep reaching out, to better understand your prospects, and to make your agency ready for its next relationship.

Whether you’re a seasoned new business executive or you’re green to the scene, there’s always time for a quick tip to help tip the pitch in the winning direction. These bite-sized insights can help you improve and win more new clients. Tweet to share the wisdom.

21 Tweetable Tips to Jumpstart Your New Biz Efforts

1) Consumers have a PhD in advertising today. Be sure to help marketers share their brand’s authentic purpose. twitter-logo

2) Culture isn’t a bunch of values hanging on a wall. Its beliefs brought to life daily through current and new relationships. twitter-logo

3) At the end of a pitch process, it comes down to two vital factors: talent and chemistry. twitter-logo

4) Marketers’ top reason to disqualify an agency in consideration? They think they can address our needs with little client input. twitter-logo

5) Prospecting? Don’t show how your agency can solve every problem because it can’t! Show how you’re solution-oriented with relevant examples. twitter-logo

6) How to get your agency to stand out from the crowd? Launch a comprehensive PR campaign and don’t be afraid to self-promote. twitter-logo

7) Offer a free two-week ramp up period as part of your proposal and show you have skin in the game. twitter-logo

8) Agencies must shift the perspective from being an expenditure to an investment. twitter-logo

9) Major reason for agency review? Agency became complacent with the brand business. twitter-logo

10) Lost the pitch? Continuing sharing thought leadership content and show authentic interest for the next opportunity! twitter-logo

11) Be sure to address the junior clients in the room. They “grow up” fast & often have more say in the decision than you think! twitter-logo

12) Great clients make mediocre agencies strong. Weak clients make great agencies ineffective. Help mktrs be involved with the agency. twitter-logo

13) The only thing we sell is relationships. twitter-logo

14) Passion is powerful. Everything else is the price of entry. twitter-logo

15) How to lose a pitch? Harp on proprietary tools and process! twitter-logo

16) Every agency has only one proprietary tool — your people! twitter-logo

17) What do clients primarily want? Great creative and to be pushed to the next level. twitter-logo

18) Brands should no longer be nouns. Help marketers to turn their brand into a verb. twitter-logo

19) You can’t manage what you can’t measure! Be sure to offer insights on analytics. twitter-logo

20) New biz is everyone’s business, but be sure to have a dedicated person committed to it or it quickly becomes no one’s business. twitter-logo

21) Treat your current clients like prospects and your prospects like current clients. twitter-logo

Excerpted from New Biz in 140 Characters (or Less) by Lisa Colantuono, which provides new business people of every level with an abundance of actionable new biz tips to improve their results.


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