Abadi, right, meets a service member. (Reuters)
Abadi, right, meets a service member. (Reuters)
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi visited to congratulate Iraqi security forces “on achieving victory,” a statement from his office said. Even as he toured the city, airstrikes continued with Iraqi special forces continuing their assault on a last pocket of militant-held territory. The nine-month battle has cost thousands of lives and uprooted hundreds of thousands of civilians.
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Secretary David Shulkin said the agency, which has been criticized for long wait times at its hospitals, is “committed to becoming the most transparent organization in government.” The transparency also busts the myth that federal workers are immune from termination.
President Trump did not say whether he accepted Vladimir Putin’s denial of election meddling, stating only, “I’ve already given my opinion.” Putin and his foreign minister both have said that Trump believed the assurances that Russia did not interfere — an assertion U.S. officials have not disputed.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said relations between Moscow and Washington will not improve until Ukraine gets full control of its territory from separatists who he characterized as Russia’s “proxies.”
The president’s son described the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower as a “short introductory meeting.” Veselnitskaya is known for her work in opposition to sanctions against Russia.
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The GOP is under enormous pressure to approve health-care legislation, but that’s only the beginning: Virtually all of its ambitious agenda — from tax reform to a budget deal to infrastructure programs — is stalled, according to multiple Republicans.
Elon Musk celebrated the finalized build on Twitter. He has more than 370,000 pending reservations for the battery-powered car that is priced for mainstream consumers.
Ismail Royer’s jailhouse exchanges with “shoe bomber” Richard Reid gave him insight into the terrorist mind-set that he would bring out of prison and into a nonprofit organization. This spring he began a new career in extremism — now, as an advocate against it.
The Washington Capitals standout and his wife put on a lavish party in a ritzy part of Moscow. Even the Bolshoi Ballet was there.
Ronald Ridgeway was presumed dead on Feb. 25, 1968, after he was shot in the shoulder during a savage firefight. Dozens of Marines from what came to be called “the ghost patrol” perished. Ridgeway’s saga is one of a young man’s perseverance through combat, imprisonment and abuse.
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The father and son’s memetic assault on CNN is hardly the first time they tag-teamed a rival online.
The administration pushed to enforce Depression-era “Buy American” laws that require manufacturers to rely on U.S. materials when they make guns, equipment, uniforms and food for the military.

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